1. Posted by daeguluvs, — Reply

    hii!! i’ve been working very hard on my page, i know these are annoying and already so boring to see, but please check out my account, it would mean a lot to me !! i also follow back <3

  2. Posted by charlottereidsma, — Reply

    Hey guys, if you don't mind, could you check out my other account and leave a follow? It's ☆Charlotte Reidsma☆. I would really appreciate it! 🌟💕

  3. Posted by adavgo, — Reply

    well i dont feel as bad asking for a follow here since everyone is doing it haha! I was wondering if y’all could look at my account! I’d love to follow you guys back and look at your boards :) ☀︎︎

  4. Posted by vscotheatre, — Reply

    Hey! I know that there are a lot of those but I’d really love it if you’d follow my account! I always follow back (unless you creep me out lol 😂) and I’ve been working really hard on it recently. Stay safe guys 💛

  5. Posted by ezradefensor10, — Reply

    helloo! i’ve been working with my accountt and I would like to ask kindly if you guyss could go and visit it!! this may sound annoying but it would really mean so much to me!! especially to those filipinoes out theree! no worries I follow back too! graciass❣️

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