15 min Garlic butter Brazilian Steak


15 min and 4 ingredients, Garlic butter Brazilian Steak – the most tender and juicy steak with a garlic butter sauce that’s out of this world good! #braziliansteak #brazilianrecipes #braziliansteakrecipe #steakrecipes #garlicbuttersteak #garlicbuttersteakrecipes #skirtsteakrecipes #easyskirtsteakrecipes


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    Oiled and salted skirt steak then cooked in hot skillet 3minutes one side 2 the other rest ten minutes and slice. Garlic butter very good added a little garlic salt and powder. Perfection!!!!

  2. Posted by marksfordknives, — Reply

    I really like this one, keep it up! πŸ‘

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